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Yuri Nazarov
English Name Yuri Nazarov
Romanized Name Yuri Nasarofu
Japanese Name ユリ・ナサロフ
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Gender Male

Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (Soviet KGB)



First appearance Lost Kitten
Last appearance Lost Kitten
Voice Actors
Japanese Katsunosuke Hori
English Ted Pfister
French Gérard Surugue
Spanish Armando Volcanes

Yuri Nazarov (Russian: Юрий Назаров) was a former Russian KGB officer and the main target of the episode "Lost Kitten". While working as a member of the KGB, he ordered the execution of an ethnic minority known as the Tashkil after seeing his family killed by them as a child. To make amends for this, he began to go around and help the poor and destitute by supplying them with food free of charge. However, the remaining Tashkil send Mireille and Kirika to kill him. He was killed by Kirika.


As a child, Yuri had light brown hair, large brown eyes, and rosy cheeks. As an adult, he had short brown hair, defined forehead wrinkles, eye bags, and cheekbones, and a long nose. As an elder, he has a similar appearance to his adult self, except with longer white hair and a beard.

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