Yun Shutong
English Name Yun Shutong
Romanized Name
Japanese Name N/A
Hair Bald
Eyes Brown
Gender Male

Soldats, Triads, Unification Operations Front

First appearance The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte 1
Last appearance The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Masaru Ikeda
English Unknown

Yun Shutong is a minor character in both actes of "The Cold-Blooded Killer". He is a double agent, working for both the Soldats and the Triads. He also came from a group called the Unification Operations Front; however, the group is only ever mentioned the one time. He was killed by Shaoli. His murder was used by Shaoli to try and gain entry to the Soldats, but her attempt failed.


Yun is large and olive-skinned. He has very arched eyebrows and small, upturned, almond-shaped eyes. He has a large nose and very defined eye bags and mouth wrinkles. He has three liver spots above his left eye. His outfit consists of a light-grey suit and navy blue tie.


In the The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte 1, Yun is seen escorting Minister Song back to his car as a bodyguard. However, when he is dying, he looks on and then leaves without having a reaction, implying that he was in on Shaoli's plan to kill him.

Later on, during The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte 2 he is seen in a car which Shaoli trails in a motorcycle. In the scene that follows, Yun is invited to have tea with Shaoli, but declines, saying that he would rather not be within reach of the "claws" of the Cold-Blooded Killer. He commends her for killing Ho Lishin, and she reveals that Ho was the only one who knew that Yun was an informant for the Triads, and that although he was working for the Soldats, he was giving their private information to the Triads. He explains that the Soldats have a great amount of control over the Communist Party of China, and commends her for her survival skills. However, as he turns to leave, he begins to choke, and Shaoli explains that there was poisonous incense in the room which suffocated him.

Later on, Shaoli tries to use her killing of Yun as evidence as to why she should be able to join the Soldats, but Chloe thinks little of it.

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