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English Name Vanel
Romanized Name Vu~aneru
Japanese Name ヴァネル
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Gender Male
First appearance Les Soldats
Last appearance Les Soldats
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomoyuki Kouno
English Jay Hickman

Vanel was a man with a strong sense of honor.
— Vanel's boss

Vanel is a minor character in the episode "Les Soldats". At the beginning of the episode, he tells Mireille he has information regarding Albert Dux, but he is killed along with the rest of his family before he can share it. He had a wife with whom he had a son and a daughter. He lived in Barbizon with his wife and children, and worked at a bar. However, before he was killed, he leaves a clue for Mireille, a wine bottle which leads Mireille to go to the catacombs, where she finds the photocopy of the page which reveals to them their main target, The Soldats.


Vanel is only seen once at the beginning of the episode. He is dead with barely discernable facial features.


Vanel's voice is heard at the beginning of "Les Soldats". He tells Mireille on the phone that he has information for her, and requests that she come to his house at noon, on behalf of him and his wife.

Mireille and Kirika arrive to his house in Barbizon. She reaches to open the door, but it is already unlocked. She then runs into the house and up the stairs only to find Vanel and his wife's dead bodies in his room.

Mireille explains to Kirika that she had been inquiring about Albert Dux's recent contacts, and that she had asked Vanel about it as well, but him and his family were killed for offering the information.

Mireille goes to a bar, where she meets Vanel's old boss as he is mopping the floors. He describes Vanel as a man with a strong sense of honor and says that he loved his children very much. Mireille expresses that Vanel's family were among the only people she could trust, while his boss also says that the week before, Vanel entered the bar looking very pallid. He then reveals that Vanel left a scotch whisky bottle in Mireille's name. The front label on the bottle reads:

"Mireille, to our memories of St. Galen's Cathedral."

Mireille returns home with the bottle, as her and Kirika discuss what its possible meaning could be. Kirika takes a closer look at the bottle, and sees that the bottom of the front label reads "Edinburgh KW2754A" with circles drawn over the "d" and the "5", and triangles drawn over the "g" and "7".

The two go to St. Galen's Cathedral and enter the catacombs, where Mireille figures out that the "d" and the "5" meant to go right, or "droit", five paces, and the "g" and the "7" meant to go left, or "gauche", 7 paces. She eventually finds a staircase, which leads to a skeleton, under which a manila envelope is placed. She opens the envelope to find a photocopy of a page, which reveals to them the name of their target, the Soldats.

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