Summary Quotes Characters Notes
Belladonna Lily Woman: I hated them at first, because belladonnas are poisonous, you know? ...But even if they were poisonous, they were the flowers he loved most.
Kirika Yuumura: The hunter and the hunted have switched places, that's all. It doesn't change the fact that we're dealing in human lives.
Mireille Bouquet: (to Kirika) The bastards who stole your memory...that enemy has made a move.
M: (to the Belladonna Lily Woman) People like us shouldn't visit graveyards. We just fall into the graves at our feet.
BLW: They're calling to us from the other side.

M: I wonder if the dead were blinding me.

BLW: Maybe so.

M: What is your name?

BLW: What's the point of asking? Neither you nor I have a grave waiting onto which our names will be carved.

M: Not having a grave isn't something that saddens me because it is the path I chose for myself. To be certain, this is not my grave. But so what? So what if that's true?


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