Remy Brefford
English Name Remy Brefford
Romanized Name Remi Burefōdo
Japanese Name  レミ・ブレフォール
Hair white
Eyes gray
Gender Male

Les Soldats

Voice Actors
Japanese Banjo Ginga
English Andy McAvin

Remy Brefford was a high-ranking member of Les Soldats. Brefford belonged to the faction of the Soldats which felt that Noir was anachronistic and had no use; and further, that the original goals of the Soldats held little meaning for the group in the modern era. Though he had the resources of the Soldats with which to conceal his identity, his limp and audacious cane made him easy to find.

When Altena initiated preparations to revive Noir, Brefford reached out to Mireille Bouquet, the third candidate for Noir. He offered her the location of the Manor - and therefore, her partner Kirika. The Soldats would cease the sanctions against Mireille if she were to kill one of the other two candidates, becoming the other half of Noir by default. Altena was to be considered a target of opportunity.

Brefford appeared to have some respect for Mireille, perhaps due to the fact that she successfully tracked him down despite his efforts to remain unidentified.