Prince Myshkin
English Name Prince Myshkin
Romanized Name Mishikin Ōji
Japanese Name プリンスミシキン
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Gender Male

Owner: Yuri Nazarov

First appearance Lost Kitten
Last appearance Lost Kitten

Prince Myshkin (Russian: Князь Мы́шкин) is a white kitten that belonged to Yuri Nazarov and was taken care of for a short while by Kirika. He only appears in the episode "Lost Kitten".


Myshkin is a small white kitten with large blue eyes and triangular ears, possibly meant to resemble a Russian White kitten.


Prince Myshkin was taken in by Yuri Nazarov at some point. During the time that "Lost Kitten" takes place, Myshkin goes missing.

After seeing him on the hood of Mireille's car, Kirika later sees him digging through the trash and decides to take him to the hotel where her and Mireille are staying in Russia. She decides to keep the kitten until eventually, while sitting on a bench, Yuri discovers the two sitting together and explains that Myshkin belongs to him and thanks Kirika for taking care of him during the two days he was missing. However, as Yuri walks away, he begins to collapse, and Myshkin falls out of his arms. Yuri is brought back to his home, where he is recovered, and as Kirika walks away from the house, Myshkin follows her.

Myshkin slept next to Yuri when he was killed by Kirika.


Prince Lev Nikolaevich Myshkin (Князь Лев Никола́евич Мы́шкин) is the protagonist of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel The Idiot. Dostoyevsky wanted to create a character that was "entirely positive... with an absolutely beautiful nature", someone who is truly 'Christian'. Mireille describes Myshkin as "the embodiment of a pure and innocent soul".

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