Minister Song
Minister Song
English Name Minister Song
Romanized Name N/A
Japanese Name ソング大臣
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Gender Male

Soldats, Chinese Government

First appearance The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte I
Last appearance The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte I
Voice Actors
Japanese Kan Tanaka
English Ted Pfister

Minister Song (Chinese: 部长歌) is a minor character in "The Cold Blooded Killer Acte 1". He was the Chinese Foreign Minister who also worked for the Soldats and was killed by Shaoli of the Hong Yiban.


Minister Song wears a dark gray suit, a white shirt, a black tie, and wide-rimmed white eyeglasses. He has short, dark gray hair, which is parted to the left. He has small brown eyes and slightly bushy eyebrows. He has very defined laugh lines and a square shaped face.


In the beginning of the first act of "The Cold Blooded Killer", Minister Song is seen praying to an unknown Chinese god. As he leaves the temple, he is bumped into by Shaoli, who drops a handkerchief on the ground. As he goes to pick it up, she also reaches for it and discreetly scratches him. This causes him to suffocate.

It is later discovered during a meeting between the Hong Yiban that Minister Song worked for the Chinese Foreign Ministry and also the Soldats.