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Body CountEdit

Mireille Bouquet: 5

Kirika Yuumura: 11


Kirika's skirt covered her.


  • Copperia no Hitsugi (Coppella's Casket) - (TV Edit) Opening Theme
  • Les Soldats - Music played during the recitation of the Noir oath.
  • Romance - Opening scene; Mireille rides through Paris; returns to her apartment.
  • Mélodie - Attachment played on mysterious e-mail. Music played by the pocketwatch. Music played as Mireille chases Kirika through the construction site. Music played during Mireille's flashback to her youth.
  • Canta per Me - Music played from when Kirika leaves school to her initial confrontation with Mireille. Music played during confrontation with black-suited gunmen. Music played during Kirika's flashback.
  • Salva Nos - Music played while Kirika cleans house on the black-suited gunmen. Song played during next episode preview.
  • Kireine Kanjyo - (TV Edit) Ending Theme.


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