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Mireille Bouquet: It's all fine and good to take care of the flowers, but they might soon turn pitch black.
M: Noir...I knew of that name too. One of the oldest designations in our line of work, but no one knows of its origins. This puzzle is made up of nothing but mysterious pieces. There's the piece called Noir, and another piece, which is you (Kirika Yuumura), and one more...
M: So you did come.

Soldats Assassin: What?
M: I knew I was being watched, and that you were after that.
(Kirika shoots the assassin's hand.)
But what we're after is you.

M: What's the big deal about the photocopy in that folder?

SA: It's very precious, more precious that anyone's life on this Earth.

SA: They are an absolute presence, but very few know much about them. The very few, like me. Shoot me and your key will disappear.
M: The Soldats...That is their name of our enemy.
M: I will open the door to the past. With my own hands, and without fail.

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