General Canora
English Name General Canora
Romanized Name Kanora Shougun
Japanese Name  カノラ将軍
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Gender Male

Ulgian Government

First appearance The Sound of Waves
Last appearance The Sound of Waves
Voice Actors
Japanese Yousuke Akimoto
English Charles Kennedy

[The citizens'] hope for you, General Canora, is definitely growing.
— Tanner

General Canora is a minor character who appears only in "The Sound of Waves". He is the Minister of Defense for Ulgia.


Canora has tan skin, a square-shaped head, small brown eyes, and light-brown hair with a buzzcut. He also has a mustache and a broad build. He wears a green military uniform with yellow details with a light yellow shirt and red tie.


General Canora appears at the party at the beginning of "The Sound of Waves". He is greeted by a representative of the Atride Corporation, Tanner, who congratulates him on being appointed the Minister of Defense for Ulgia, and informs him that the people's support of him is growing. However, a guard is shot, and Tanner, who was next to him, is killed.