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The Beretta M1934 was a self-loading, or "semi-automatic" pistol, which was issued as a standard service firearm to the Italian armed forces in 1934.

Manufactured by the venerable 300-year old Beretta company of Brescia, this compact pistol was 6 inches (152mm) long and weighed 23 oz (650g) when empty. Although it was of 9mm calibre, it fired a special short cartridge in order to minimize gas pressure buildup in the chamber. Most models came with a nine-round magazine that was fitted with a spur-like extension that helped ensure a firm grip for a shooter with large hands.

The weapon saw extensive use in World War II in the hands of Italian Fascist forces, and quite a few were captured by Allied officers in the hope that they would fire the 9mm Parabellum cartridge used in the British Sten submachine guns, but they soon found to their dismay that the pistol was chambered for a shorter, less powerful 9mm Short cartridge. This model was followed by the M1935, which was similar to the M1934 in most respects, except that it fired a smaller 7.65mm cartridge.


This is Kirika's chosen gun throughout most of the anime.

The Beretta 34 was carried and used by Kirika Yuumura throughout the series, with and without its removable silencer. Noir is notable for its attention to detail during the sequences in which Kirika is cleaning her disassembled Beretta. Kirika's Beretta is usually carried in her pocket or waistband, rather than a holster. Chloe briefly takes and uses Kirika's Beretta in order to deliver to her 'the last guidance'. Altena later returns it.

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